The Sad Tale of the Free Book of Discipline



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United Methodists need to be more aware of the Doctrine and structure of the UMC. More importantly, the Discipline is our covenant as a church: it details our agreement to walk together as we follow Jesus. We are supposed to be united by the Discipline, and yet the details of our covenant are not conveniently accessible and are kept, as you say, "behind a paywall"? Why wouldn't the UMC want it's members and the world to have free/ user-friendly access to the Discipline? It seems like a no-brainer to me. Fifteen years ago, I was reluctant to join a denomination at all, but as my husband was pursuing ordination in the UMC, I felt I should at least seriously consider it. Because I wanted to learn as much as I could about the UMC before I would be willing to commit to the church, I read the Discipline. Which I am sure every United Methodist does before joining the church. ha ha. It was so dry and most of it might as well have been in another language, but I slogged through. It was worth every boring page...because between the boring pages I discovered the exciting stuff. And that's how I learned I had been a Methodist all along! (No wonder I had constantly challenged my upbringing in a Presbyterian denomination.) These days, the Discipline doesn't feel to me like it's written in a foreign language. Considering the issues coming to a head in the UMC right now, I am realizing how important is for Methodists to speak the same language. And I am glad that I became a United Methodist with my eyes wide open.

Kathe more than 3 years ago