Bishop Karen Oliveto and Dixie Brewster



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Dixie Brewster

Thanks to Dixie for asking for clarity. I will leave or I will stay depending on the ruling. Thank you.

Scott Calcote more than 4 years ago


I am very much on the side of inclusiveness, but "Dixie Brewster would have to stop trying to exclude Karen Oliveto"..
Dixie is not trying to exclude Karen. Dixie is asking the legal body of the church if Karen should be legally excluded based on the rules we've all agreed to follow.
Dixie is not in any way shape or form, "the problem" as the article seems to indicate. Our rule book is the problem.

John Franks more than 4 years ago

This case should be dismissed - The Judicial Council is at fault.

It disgusts me that people would try to enforce the Book of Discipline ( a bunch or discriminating man made rules ) over scripture. Why not take 1 Corinthian 14:34 "Women should be silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be subordinate, as the law also says." We dismiss that because society has moved on. We are more educated, There is equality. The world has moved on. This is a human rights issue. Other Jurisdictions have no jurisdiction over the Western Jurisdiction election. The Judicial council is at fault for letting this get to this state. I call for their dismissal of this case and if not the entire Judicial Council. As for Ms Brewster - I don't think she realizes the harm she has caused to LGBTQ lay and clergy.

MTS more than 4 years ago

Gone Out to Lunch

"But I believe he would also be taking Dixie Brewster out to lunch." Jesus told Zacchaeus he was coming to eat with him, so taking someone out to lunch is possible. However, when Zacchaeus learned how God wants us to live, he accepted God's way of living and stopped cheating people. He even made restitution. In this case, God has a Plan of Created Order that He expects us to observe. Those not willing are only hurting themselves. Note that is not even possible to make restitution in moral matter. But God will forgive when we admit our wrongdoing and turn back to Him, like Zacchaeus.

Skipper Anding more than 5 years ago


Perfectly said! Thank you.

D Hall more than 5 years ago