Law, Grace and Bishop McLee



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Just resolution.

I am going to call a foul. Some of us in the laity have developed a distrust of any sort of secretive deliberations on our behalf, and we have a lot of difficulty expecting justice to come of them. I could give you lots of examples, but they don't matter. Our experience with that sort of thing is uniformly bad. It's not the church's fault or the council of bishops. It is the membership's fault, especially if we continue to tolerate the problem.

I personally have a problem with this effort to circumscribe a fundamental governance problem by calling it a theological issue that only the Council of Bishops are authorized to discuss. The Council of Bishops is the heart (ok, the lack of heart in this situation) of the problem. Until and unless they abandon this circular logic thing they are trying to trap us in, in which one part of the Book of Discipline is used to strip pastors of their credentials and then claim it's a theological issue that only they can address, we aren't progressing.

steve more than 7 years ago


Courage is standing up for the truth, doing what is right, and keeping your vows; giving in to the latest fad is cowardice!

Buddy more than 7 years ago