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Missing the Point

You may also find this interesting: Here in Canada, Methodists (United Church) are considered to be the most relaxed and open of Christian sects. Anglican and Catholics fall on one side of them, Presbyterian to Pentecostal on the other. But UC Methodists are definitely in the middle.

Jeff Rose-Martland more than 1 year ago

The progressive litmus test of holiness

I propose that you are stating that because I refuse to embrace queerness as God-ordained then I have failed your litmus test of holiness. It is progressives who have made sexuality the litmus test that defines holiness for the church and as a result have promoted it to the do or die issue it has become.

betsy more than 1 year ago

A bridge too far

The gulf in theological beliefs between "Progressives" who want Methodists to embrace queerness and who condemn the "Traditionalist" viewpoint of Holy Scripture as an artifact of a middle class consumerist society is just to great to be overcome by further arguments. We are going to disagree so we need to go our separate ways in two different Wesleyan movements. I wish you the best on your faith journey and hope you will find peace in yours when either your side has moved on or my side has moved on from the current disunited Methodist Church. The reason prudent people buy insurance is to protect from the unknown and so events to cause them to become a burden on their families or society. I'd like to think by understanding of God and His Scripture is my insurance against an uncaring world and a stateism in which I'm told by a human government or a political party what to think and and what I must do to reach a secular salvation

JOHN more than 1 year ago


I wish I was better at typing. Sigh!

JOHN STEPHENSON more than 1 year ago

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