Moving Seminary to Church Campus a Disturbing Choice



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My concern is that the mega-church is not the only model of church, nor is the numbers-based score the only way of valuing. I attend an old urban church, blessed and burdened with a huge network of building. We will never make the $$ increases that the mega-church model expects, nor will we have masses of people swarming to our pews. But we continue to work toward a Wesleyan vision of the church IN the world, seeking ways to help those the world would like to ignore, trying to offer acceptance and a place at the table for all God's creatures. We are a seeking,exploring church, looking for the ways God wants us to go and be, and we understand that $$$s and numbers are not the way for us.
I don't think that many seminarians should be looking to the 6-preachers-and-giant-campus model as what they should aspire to achieve. That may work in some places, but it is the not seeking, learning Christianity for me and for many others. It is not "the way ministry is done" for everyone.

Anne Ewing more than 9 years ago

Saint Paul Scool of Theology

I was shocked and disappointed to hear that Saint Paul School of Theology is moving to a church campus even though it is a mega church. I am also wondering if the theological inquirey process might be compromised. What about the cost of all the renovation work that has taken place in the last few years? It seems that money was spent for naught. It saddens me. wt3
PastorPam Deeds

Pam Deeds more than 9 years ago

St Paul's

On the surface, it would appear that the proposed move may be what the seminary needs - it would provide a new burst energy and the opportunity to see first hand how ministry is done.

Tom Wussow more than 9 years ago


What does Ms. Ewing find objectiionable about Rev. Hamilton's "style?" Rather than just filling bandwidth, the article should have included that information. What is Ms. Ewing's alternative? The school was going to close.

Creed Pogue more than 9 years ago