No Guns for Jesus-folk



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The Debate Continues

Some of us are not willing to let our family, friends and innocent bystanders be killed by someone who does not have respect for human life. Your Christians without guns mentality will only get more people killed. Yes, I want to meet Jesus...and will someday just like you...armed in this life or not. Isaiah 2:4 is not as prevalent as LK 11:21. You can't convince us that protecting each other is against the laws of God. That is just stupid and ignorant. If you are saying that you could watch children needlessly die because you think its inappropriate to defend yourself, than you sir are disgusting and should not have passed muster with your local BOM.

Paul more than 4 years ago

violence in defense of others

Mr. Snyder, if you came upon someone killing a young, defenseless child, would you resort to violence to stop it?

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 4 years ago