No Integrity for Trump’s Evangelical Disciples. Sad!



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Is it Trump or Religious Liberty

I feel your pain trying to explain Stormy Daniels to your little girl. Reminds me of when my wife and I ere trying to explain or deflect questions about why the morning news shows were talking about a blue dress back in the 1990's when our young kids would crawl in bed with us in the morning. You have to take a deep breath and say "this too shall pass."

As for why more conservative Christians may have supported Trump, I believe many were/are concerned about freedom of conscience and the implications of the Supreme Court's decision on the Colorado bakery case and similar situations: does freedom of conscience based on one's religious principles trump the right not to be offended based on one's sexual orientation or vice versa? Can the State essentially put an individual out of business because that individual refuses to engage in conduct seen as supportive of same sex marriage in violation of one's understanding of marriage as defined by Scripture? This issue is extremely important to persons concerned with the free exercise of their genuinely held religious beliefs, a bedrock of our First Amendment.

Now ask yourself which of the two remaining candidates for President was more likely to appoint Supreme Court Justices more likely to uphold freedom of conscience? Or to avoid imposing punitive measures on those who don't support policies espoused by the GLBTQ lobby as enthusiastically endorsed by one major political party? Not my intention to engage in a debate on politics, but it cannot really be surprising why Christians with a traditional Scriptural understanding of marriage supported Trump. The Bible is full of examples of our Lord using very flawed people to achieve His ends.

If God can use a harlot to save his chosen people, it's not outside the power of God to use an "egotistical blowhard" to protect His people's ability to live their lives in concert with His Word as they understand He desires of them.

John more than 3 years ago