Oh, Miley ... A Youth Ministry Response

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"Low Humor" always sells

This is hardly remarkable in the large scheme of things. Years ago, we went to one of those regional renaissance fairs, you know the kind. There was this performer in a costume as "The Ogre," a sort of pockmarked giant peasant-looking fellow in those before-Shrek Ogre days - who had recordings or multiple whoopee cushions or whatever in his costumes and he emitted flatulence sounds continuously while singling ditties about like, "Oooh, Baby, I wanta hump your butt!" A plethora of kids a ges - 12 followed him devotedly laughing wildly, Cyrus' beige underware was hardly sexy in the usual sense; I saw a somehwat bigger size just like it displayed prominently at Catherine's, the plus size fashoin botique, in Wichita. The Scary-Spice-like rudimentary hair-horns were just another part of the act. She's lauging all the way to the bank while the concern trolls hold court, encouraging more to see what the fuss is all about. Like the strip club dancers Bill Maher compared to her, her goal was to separate people from the contents of their wallets and it's working very well.

George N. Shuler, LCSW more than 8 years ago