Opioid (for the Masses) Crisis



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"We say “All Are Welcome” because we hope gay people will know our church is somehow safe for them. Then we wonder why the LGBTQIA+ continue to leave the church. Have we started any meaningful ministries for that community, or are we just saying “All Are Welcome” because it makes us feel better about ourselves in the face of an overwhelming issue?"

Well, mostly I think we say All Are Welcome because we don't really want to feel exclusionary, even though we don't really want those people in our church - it makes us feel uncomfortable. We like radical hospitality, on our terms.

The churches that DO outreach to LGBTQ+ folks don't just say All Are Welcome. I don't think they even use that language, as it's too weak.

JR more than 2 years ago

LBGT Inclusion

Kudos to Charlie, he knows that that wonderful motto, of "Open Minds, Open Hearts and Open Doors," sadly no longer applies to the UMC. Why? Because we count the votes from areas that are new to the Bible and have not yet learned to interpret the Bible in the light of today's knowledge.

Carla Skidmore more than 2 years ago