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One more thought from the pew

People keep talking about "finding out what we have in common". Well, put your money where you mouth is: take the issue off the table for the 2016 GC; it is not allowed in any form or fashion; focus on other issues.

Betsy more than 7 years ago


You need to talk about the elephant in the room.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago

Gideon only had to put that fleece down twice

A view from the pew: What intrigues me about this brouhaha is absolutely nobody stops and look at the fact that over the 40 year period this has been going on, the General Conference, the only thing designated to speak for the entire church has come up with the same answer 10 times. How is that meaningless? How is ignoring that not destructive to what General Conference does? How is ignoring that not at least a contributing factor to the lack of trust within the denomination? How is ignoring that showing a blatant lack of trust in our own processes?

Gideon only had to put the fleece down twice before he moved on. The Apostles only had to cast the die once to select a replacement for Judas. So what does it say about the UMC that the exact same answer has been given 10 times over 40 years and yet the argument rages. Everybody wake up and look at what the argument is doing to the church--where it is driving her.

Betsy more than 7 years ago

Second class

I truly go back and forth between split or stay and disrupt or quit. Sounds extreme I agree, I'm not unreasonable but I do suffer from PTSD. All I know is that as a gay man who joined and was baptized into the MEC decades ago I was young but I lived through all the things that everyday people who I loved talk about when the church became the UMC from the MEC. So I have lived through a lot. Also as on one of only three original founding families of our church and my grandson is the 7th generation of my family to participate in the MBUMC I have a long history. I know that in part not attending the UMC years ago led me in part to leave an old partner to return to the farm and to the church. I have a long UMC history. When I returned to school to finish my degree in the 80's I was so moved by my pastor that the old desires to serve God in the ministry, yes I have felt the warming of the heart, the call to ministry but when I spoke to my pastor I was told in no uncertain terms and quite coldly that I could not be in the ministry and that I could not even be a lay minister. Our visit was devastating to my life. Which spirled into less church attendance, more scotch and more scotch. A RC priest friend helped me to see that God still loved me and the bad habits slowed down and at one point the RC priest counceled me when I inquired about going into a monostary as a brother. He reminded me that one of the most important parts of being a monk was obedience to the leadership. My friend knew me so well as I do believe in following leadership but I could not say I would follow without question. He talked me into not joining the monastery but to return to the farm and serve my family and home church. I have been obedient for 20+ years but I have never felt like I was anything other than second class Methodist. I still participate and in leadership roles in my local UMC but I know that I am a second class Methodist You see not all covents are available to me. Oh my money is just as good and as we are a small community I have served as on the Church Board, PPRC, Fundraising chairperson, funeral dinners. Yes I'm active, but I can not marry, I can not be a lay minister and I'm not eligible for ministry. In my mind I'm not loved by my church, just read the discipline. I do not believe that being LGBT is wrong and is just a good as hetero's. I'm celebate and chaste since 1988 but because of the way God made me I'm still a SECOND CLASS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH MEMBER. I don't know if I will stay unless it is to disrupt if the UMC does not get rid of the offensive parts of DICIPLINE. I'm just as good as you or anybody else.

Mark McRoberts more than 7 years ago