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Why Advent is Important

I was struck, this past year, by a comment by a noted astrolphysicist who said, in so many words, that if any aliens came to our world, we likely would not recognize them because they would not have any kind of visible body that we would think an alien (read that: Universal Studio's vision of an alien) would look like.
We are talking about a Messiah, the savior of the universe, here. If the Messiah came without the work of the special effects department of a movie studio, we probably wouldn't recognize him either.
That is why Advent is important: it helps us have the time to do the preparation we need to do. Jesus' birth was important because God made a self-revelation in a form we could recognize: another human being. He was born as we are. To be born as we all were, there was a process of pregnancy, a time for the human body to develop, and a time for us as parents and as a community, to prepare for that birth.
Not to do this time of preparation both denies us a reflection on how the Messiah came to us in a form we could recognize, and it denies us the opportunity to proclaim our belief that our Messiah is still coming in a form we can recognize.
Too often we have got caught up in the divinity of Christ as proclaimed by the Apostle Paul and by Hallmark Greeting Card Company, so much so, that we miss the point of the Christmas story. Jesus came as one of us. His birth was not as perfect and sanitary as those of our own children. And it was only the lowest and most insignificant of the surrounding population who could recognize that a miracle had occurred. Births are always a miracle---but we take them as so commonplace that we miss the miraculous.
Thank you, Brother Dick, for reminding us that this is important.

Tom Griffith more than 7 years ago