Scholars Urge Addressing Tensions of Class with Racism

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These Scholars Need to Keep Quiet and

listen to the 74 million Trump voters. As my cardiologist says "If I listen to your story, you'll tell me what's wrong."

Before going on a listening trip like Tex Sample did watch these movies/tv shows. (Sample spent a sabbatical traveling Interstate 70 between St. Louis and Denver. He stopped in truck stops, diners, and bars listening to those tell him their stories.)

Read/watch Hillbilly Elege, Mrs. Browns Boys, Roseanne, Winters Bone, Last Man Standing. Read Rick Bragg's about his family All Over But the Shoutin', and Ava's Man.

Watch/listen to the comics of the Blue Collar Comedy troupe and these Southern Comics: Jerry Clower, Grady Nutt, Louis Grizzard, et al.

Read the poetry of Country music.

Another bunch of academics talking to one another about their feelings isn't going to help.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago


Richard Hicks, I'm listening. Where have these academics got it wrong? What do you see as the problems?

Steve Hill more than 1 year ago

Where? Right there!

"... a white male billionaire president whose interests and goals represent the few rather than the many," for starters. Seventy-four million voters obviously thought Trump adequately represented their interests, which these academics overlook completely. In not so few words, Richard's saying they're spending too much time in their own echo chamber and too little time listening to the hopes, dreams, and fears of almost half the voters in this land. Are there any racists, supremacists, and xenophobes in this country? No question, but not half the country can fairly be described as hate-mongers. (Unless you're a certain out-of-touch elitist who dismisses them out of hand as a "basket of deplorables" and then is incredulous why there's not greater unity and respect for one another.)

John more than 1 year ago