Some Suggestions for a Unified UMC (or the A&W Plan)

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A "Modest Proposal?"

When they called it a "Modest Proposal" I thought they were citing Jonathan Swift's satiric "modest proposal" of how impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food for rich English gentlemen and ladies. Amazingly, Watson's and Arnold's ecclesial cannibalism is not satire.

Mitchell Hay more than 7 years ago

A&W Plan

This plan protects the status quo. It does not promote unity and it is no answer to the current situation. It sounds like it was written by the Good News/IRD segment of the church. It opens the exit door to many churches AND to several annual conferences!

Nancy Smith more than 7 years ago

Second Class Membership

I guess that the bottom line is that Gay people are not welcome in the UMC and that if their church wish to leave then they can. How can you say that these actions are correct. The bible speaks of rape and temple prostitution. Homosexual behavior was not defined until after 1880's so that understanding about human behavior was not even defined when the bibles were written and Jesus never spoke of gay behavior or relationships. So why UMC why?

Mark McRoberts more than 7 years ago


I'm sorry if LGBT persons feel like second class citizens. The church sometimes isn't very welcoming and talk at each other instead of to each other. However I'll disagree with you slightly. While Jesus didn't discuss Homosexuality (thus pertaining to ordination), he did outline his views on marriage in Matt. 15 & 19.

Joel Anampiu more than 7 years ago

Type subject here

I say those of us who want to change the BOD to be recast in inclusive language stand down, stay in, and await the fullness of the Advocate's action in implementing an organic and generational change. Better to bide LGBT time in faith that our connectionalism will out in our favor. This is the long game, but its length will be less than a generation. Love not war is our cross to bear in this regard. (I've been a strident advocate of change NOW, but I'm willing to cease agitating. Time and justice is in our favor.)

Bill Guest more than 7 years ago

There's something to this

In World War II, the Tuskeege Airmen (an all black Army Air Force unit) was unfailing in their patriotism. Hitler himself was informed of their fighting prowess. He asked, "Why do they fight?" knowing of our system of legal segregation. The answer was they believed America could be improved. Eventually it was.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago