The 'Don't Do Anything' Option

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Can This Be Coupled With . . .

I like much of what I read here. Few of us in the Now Notorious 80 are eager to become execs in a new denomination -- we are local church pastors, by & large. My question is this: can the "Do Nothing Option" be coupled with a moratorium on debating on and voting about the relevant statements in the Discipline? Then we'd be free of much of the rancor and discord of ACs and GC. If we continue voting, the votes likely won't change -- and neither will the non-compliance. So why go through the anguish of politicking, voting, and then protesting the result?

Talbot Davis more than 7 years ago

I Like Talbot's Idea

So, Talbot, how can we make that happen??

Drew McIntyre more than 7 years ago

Doing Nothing is doing something?

Dr. Carnahan, doing nothing is doing something. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If our denomination's forebears prayed on writing the Discipline, then it should be absolute in discerning these things. Ignoring the sin will not correct the sin and we run the risk of judgement in our inaction.
Separation is the answer when two sides' core principles are not reconcilable!

Tony Crouch more than 7 years ago