The Devil and Dr. Graham



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Too gentle

Sons and fathers are complicated relationships. Some grow to equal their fathers or even exceed them, like John Quincy Adams did over his talented father, John Adams, not as President, but as a Congressman after his Presidency, where he fought for abolition of slavery and died at his desk doing that. Most falter. But the tragedy is those who fall short but have no insight to it, like Franklin Graham, who probably would have turned out okay if he wound up an assistant manager of a Home Depot or something. Instead he decided to take over his father's empire and turned it into an arm of the religious right political movement perverting its purpose to make it nothing but another political action committee. His father preached love; Franklin is an apostle of hate. It is a shame, and America is the poorer for it.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

What would truly be helpful

I have been stunned at the number of ways people from within the United Methodist Church identify themselves and very few identify themselves simply as Christian of the United Methodist persuasion. Instead of critiquing where another evangelical got off track as compared to what he understands being an evangelical means, it would be more helpful if Rev. Harnish would offer some thoughts on what it means to be a Christian of the United Methodist persuasion from the perspective of how our roots in early Methodism make us a unique brand of Christianity that exists within the larger holy catholic/universal Church. Reclaim that understanding and then we would truly have a way forward that lives up to our name of United Methodists rather than the current reality that we are actually untied Methodists because we collectively no clue what it means to be a Christian of the United Methodist persuasion.

Betsy more than 3 years ago