The Problem With American Christianity



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Where we differ

I do not believe that God will judge us as a nation. I do not believe that the kingdom of God can be legislated into existence, it has to come to life in each and every individual. I believe that societal sin is the collective result of individual sin. Methodism is in existence because John Wesley knew that the major battlefront for Christianity was in the individual who woke up each day and chose to be God's immortal. And if you carefully read the General Rules which are an irrevocable part of our doctrine on paper--if not in practice--you will not find any grand quests for social justice, but what it means for an individual to lead a life centered in God each and every day of their life. Wesley also believed that this quest/endeavor was best carried out in the company of like-minded companions. Currently, the American United Methodist Church is nowhere close to being like-minded.

betsy more than 1 year ago



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