Time for the Cross and Flame to Go



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Thank you

Thank you to opening my eyes to this issue. I didn't realize the United Methodist logo was causing pain. As Christians we are not allowed to do things in the sight of other people if exercising our freedoms as Christians causes others pain. Let's come up with a logo that all can view without pain.

Monica Logan more than 1 year ago

The Cross Aflame Should Go

Nothing lasts forever, save the Love of God. While working with an ecumenical organization n the 80s, with a broad spectrum of diversity in our makeup, I was questioned about our logo by a non-UM. The question went something like this:How do you expect to draw Black People into your denomination when your logo looks like it belongs at a KKK rally?
I have been around long enough to remember well the merger in 1968, and all of the symbolism attached to the then new logo. It was truly stimulating and inspiring to hear how it all came together. the symbolism made great sense to this white, middle class, northern teenager. But then I heard that question mentioned above. Yes, within our UMC culture, that symbol has been a largely positive influence. However, to take the time to look at it from another's perspective, it does have great potential to illicit tremendously negative images as stated is this fine article.
For 35 years, I too have felt that this logo served its purpose and should be replaced. If we are to have any integrity at all with our statements on social justice, inclusion and Godly love for all persons, and to take our vows of baptism/membership, then we can no longer afford to "burn a cross" in the faces of those who would otherwise enjoin the mission to which we are all called in the UMC.
Edlen Crowley, should you want a retired, Licensed Local Pastor from the Michigan Conference as a co-signator on your legislation for GC 2021, I am here to stand with you.

Dale A. Hotelling more than 1 year ago

Thus logo will die as the UMC does

BEFORE the Covid crisis each week the US UMC only teaches 0.8% of Americans.

Probably half that right now

Better worry about being in biz next year and not the logo

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

What a surprise!

I thought the “flames need to go” would be because people are not hearkening to the Holy Spirit like they should. And there is some truth in that. Now as far as history, we don't need to forget it, but the flames you recall are only part of history now. Just like the flames from the Federal troops that burned the South in the 1860's. It was terrible to burn people's homes, towns, cities, farms and places of work for no reason leaving many of them homeless and jobless for years. But we have to let it go. It's only part of history now. So don't let it get you down. We all should focus on the Holy Spirit, for that is what the flames represent!

I read of a woman who was starved in a Concentration Camp in WWII. For a year or two after her release she kept a loaf of bread in her home ready to grab in case someone came to arrest her. She planned to grab the bread on her way out the back door. Then she would have something to eat for a few days while she ran for safety. In time she could do without the loaf being present every day.

Did your mother ever say “If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all?” I certainly heard that many times! It may be time to look for the good things. Sometimes we see what we are looking for. Let's all look carefully and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us to the honor and glory of God!

Skipper Anding more than 1 year ago