Trajectory/Redemptive Movement Hermeneutics - Humans Driving Redemption



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I find this odd

"According to Webb, God does not push or pull the people too far or too fast but that 'God brings his people along in ways that were feasible adaptations.' "

Except when God doesn't do that, like when he took them out of Egypt, or he sent his Son to die for our sins, etc.

God seems really small in this kind of approach.
He also seems to be too concerned about not rocking the boat - because why, the Chosen People might instead worship a golden calf or another being? Or feel uncomfortable about being asked to change what they are doing? That runs counter to other writings in the Bible.

I'm all in favor of contextual readings - slavery was common during Biblical times, so certainly many writings will deal with slavery. However, since it's not common now, and you can't use it to justify slavery in the modern world; yet there still may be some lessons to learn from those passages.

By the same token, awareness of the context - specifically looking at LGBTQ+, but there's a broader reach here with women, race relations, etc - can be quite telling. There are an awful lot of prohibitions in the OT that we completely disregard as being out of touch with modern life (beard shaving, tattoos, shellfish, pork, etc etc ad nauseum), and yet the UMC has a sticking point around a couple of verses that don't even apply to modern relationships.

I appreciate the info on the hermeneutical process. I think that it's just cherry picking by another name.

JR more than 2 years ago