Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace



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Bond of Peace

I appreciate the sentiments expressed in this quotation of Bishop Scott Jones in his article: "All of these persons are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We need each other. We are called to love each other. I am proud to live in a church with that kind of diversity because when I get to heaven I think a lot of those folk from both groups are going to be there as well. One way I typically teach about that diversity is to say that the United Methodist Church is a church where both George W. Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton are active, faithful members, and I am glad to belong to a church like that. - See more at: http://um-insight.net/perspectives/unity-of-the-spirit-in-the-bond-of-peace."

The question I like to pose is: "How does a Church Trial of Pastors who conduct same-sex marriages square with his sentiments?"

Where is the peace that we are called to promote? Where is the love that we are called to share?

We are called to respect each individual's freedom of conscience to stay or leave the Church. We must be tempted to break the bond of love and peace to put a minister on trial with the expectation to expel him or her.

We are called to live in unity and not uniformity. We are called to respect differences and affirm diversity.
We are called to celebrate love and peace.

Yap Kim Hao more than 7 years ago

Marriage equality

History is replete with tragic characters who were legally right and also believed themselves to be morally right. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, we refer to these persons as Pharisees. In their zeal for the law they chose to bring Jesus to trial and to declare him guilty of blasphemy. I believe that Bishop Jones, and those who believe as he does, tragically are the contemporary expression of Pharisees in the UMC. Prior to becoming bishop, Rev. Jones was instrumental in questioning the loyalty of Dr. Bill Farmer, professor of New Testament, Perkins School of Theology at SMU. Dr. Farmer had joined a Catholic Church seeking to deepen ecumenical connections. Dr. Farmer (now deceased) hit the nail on the head in a conversation with Rev. Jones when he said: "Young man, you have no humility." Pride (still) goeth before a fall.

Woodrow Weilage more than 7 years ago