Use of Payroll Protection Program: A Missional Compromise of The United Methodist Church?



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paycheck protection plan

Thank you for your timely and well written article. I,too,questioned our church applying for the PPP and a possible intermingling of church and politics. But,alas, like many churches, ours readily accepted the money. Sigh.....

CJR 296 days ago

While I understand....

While I understand the pastors plea, it has been and continues to be a necessity, especially for small congregations to have had access to the paycheck protection protocols. Protecting payrolls allowed the local church to feed the hungry through kitchens, making masks, and delivering sacrament and in our case children's curriculum (And homemade goodies!!) via home delivery to members. Many congregations had to rise up digital campuses on the fly and this required investments in technology many congregations were not in a position to make. If these congregations had not taken the monies staff would have been laid off, and many elders would have found it difficult as moving would have been needed as once vibrant congregations closed.

It comes down to our why. If all Methodism is all about the Connection, Budget, and Doctrine fights we are doomed to die.

I categorically believe to my bones that our mission as the people called Methodists are to splash grace as far as love can reach and by any means necessary! People will join any movement if they are hungry, homeless, depressed, confined, angry, or in need of a purpose. But if our WHY is splashing grace, giving to others by addressing the core needs of a broken world. If we are willing to work with anyone and do anything with the expressed mission of how can we help we can build the Jesus movement again. We have for too long focused on economics, and theological navel watching. We must reach out again! The PPP loans enabled the innovation and mission that made a difference during our global crisis. So no I don't care if the government funded it or if our members funded it or the business community, or city and regional government. I don't care! I care that the message of Jesus and his movement once again bloom and blossom in our world. So I respectfully the name of Jesus and his movement.

Eric Pone 296 days ago