Vanity, Discipline or Heresy?



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Why list only 7?

I count 11 chargeable offenses in ¶2702, including "disobedience to the order and discipline...". The 7 listed here are from one small part of the "order and discipline". "Order" alone fills page 269 of the Discipline. My personal favorite is certify the accuracy of the local church reports used in calculating apportionments. ¶340.2c(2)(f). That alone should resolve the financial challenges of the UMC.

Jim Allen more than 7 years ago

Accuracy of Local Church Reports

Let me be blunt, Jim: as long as there are some Bishops who believe that a clergy's next appointment should be based on how many new members s/he has taken in, and how many people are attending worship, there will be prevarication in reports. The dead tip-offs: new members taken in, but few or none removed by charge conference action. Higher average attendance showing on the reports beginning with the first one submitted by a new pastor who has been there only 6 months. Large numbers of children of nursery ages, when few were reported in the years before.

In a total UM fluke, my first appointment out of seminary was to be Associate Minister at the church where I had grown up as a boy. My family had moved away from there 12 years earlier. I looked in the "official membership roll" books. I found where my parents had been listed as transferring their memberships to that church, and where they had transferred their membership to the church in the community to which we had moved. I found my name on the rolls where I had joined the church with my confirmation class. Except that I was still listed as a member, and had not worshipped there in a dozen years! I had the (in)dignity of removing my own name from the membership of that church!

Tom Griffith more than 7 years ago

same sex marraige

We are to love our enemies but not God's enemies. We forgive those who trespass against us personally but not those who trample over the Word of God. We do not love Satan or his followers. To love that which is evil means you do not have the Word meshed into your conscience. I remember in the 1970s in California when I saw two men holding hands and kissing, it might my stomach turn. I was supposed to have the reaction. It was my conscience telling me that it is wrong. They slowly crept homosexual unions into television shows and news stories forcing you to lose your God given conscience. You lose your soul when you lose your conscience. Re-strengthen it not by another physical baptism but by the baptism of the Holy Spirit inside your soul. It only comes with true repentance and prayer. It is the only way demons leave you. (Mark 9:24-29)

Sandra Bouchard more than 7 years ago

upbeat post about a serious issue

I appreciate your thoughts and the upbeat, engaging way in which you state them. Prejudices always seem to hide behind procedures. We defend our baseless ideas by appealing to a Discipline that we don't pay much attention to otherwise. Just like folks who wouldn't spend 5 minutes on Leviticus or Deuteronomy, know just where to find those anti gay lines.

jeff more than 7 years ago