Begone, White Supremacy!



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conclusion is you don’t know for sure

“This is the only conclusion that can be drawn”, how about maybe it has nothing to do with white supremacy, maybe they are disgusted with the crooks in Washington, maybe they honestly thought that voter fraud and media propaganda did steal the election, maybe the police did underestimate them. In contrast to demonstrations of summer 2020, they didn’t go into black committees burning businesses and property, they went to DC. I’m sure some white supremacist and racist were there but the majority most likely was not. What about the black people that was there, what would you call them? The conclusion is you don’t know for sure. It is bias reporting that is also dividing our country.

Mark Collins more than 1 year ago

Any Supremacy Is Sin

Black supremacy is as sinful as any other color. Red and yellow black and white none are supreme.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago