Empathy for 'Evangelicals'



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Dear Ms. Astle, Thank you for your very gracious comments reminding us that we need grace today, God's grace for us, and our grace for each other. The UMC has not gone wrong. Many of us still try to do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God. No "right beliefs" or books of rules will help us in the mission John Wesley gave us. We do what we can by God's grace expressed through our lives and the power of the Holy Spirit guiding each of us individually. I am sure we are a very different church today from anything envisioned by Wesley, but we go led by the Spirit. The evangelicals, if they succeed, will destroy the UMC as an instrument of the Kingdom of God which has come upon us and continues to emerge and grow. Thank you for maintaining this site and speaking out with courage and grace.

Lee more than 3 years ago

The current iteration of the American UMC....

Is just one more case of Christianity gone wrong--something that has plagued the Church for 2000 years.

betsy more than 3 years ago

Calll it what it really is

Your call to compassion/empathy is great on the surface, but it smacks of progressives have "The Correct Answer" and those that don't agree with them are deficient. The true problem in the American branch of The United Methodist Church is that deeply held orthodoxies that compete with each other--and in some cases cancel each other out--are trying to occupy the same denomination and it is not working. We all believe that we are God's beloved but flawed creation. However, we cannot coexist as a church when we cannot agree on what God expects of us in this life. Methodism came into existence through a specific set of beliefs held by John Wesley. Trying to be a denomination that, in practice, has no specific doctrine, but rather promotes free thinking is not a Wesleyan/Methodist understanding of a faith tradition that is only one small part of the holy catholic/universal Church. Neither it is reflective of a Wesleyan/Methodist understanding of the person who is truly of the catholic spirit because he/she is firm in their understanding and is thus able to believe and let believe and is joined to a group of like thinking people. This is just one more case of Christianity gone wrong.

betsy more than 3 years ago