How to Respond to a Bully



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Superb Analysis

As one who worked with you on the "What Would John Wesley Do?" team at the 2008 SC Jurisdictional Conference, I would refer you to my book review of Mark Tooley's book, "Taking Back the UMC", which can be found at our website: Thanks for your excellent work, Cynthia!

Bill Moorer more than 8 years ago

Thanks for the Resource!

Bill, thanks for taking the time to reply and recommend your eye-opening resource to our readers. I'm grateful for your encouragement and for your efforts to give mainstream United Methodists a broader picture of the state of the church. Blessings!

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 8 years ago

You've Made It!

I used to think as your former colleague did that it is necessary to take on the kinds of nonsense IRD uses. Then it occurred to me that there is not some mass of people who read their writings who wonder if they're correct or not. Far better to be clear-headed, continue to do what you do the best you can, and just let them shrivel to even further irrelevance. Like Good News and their constant threat of schism, the folks at IRD don't even make that much noise anymore because there is no "there" there with them. They want attention; don't give it to them, because that's how they survive. Far better to point and laugh, I say.

Geoffrey more than 8 years ago

Yes, That's One Approach

Thanks, Geoffrey, for your counsel. There seems to be two schools of thought on responding to attacks by ultra-right forces in church and society. One school holds that it's necessary to stand up to bullies like the IRD, which is what I was urged to do in this instance. The other school of thought is to ignore them, not even point and laugh as you suggest, since attention is what they crave. As I said in my conclusion, having done the first, I have now moved on to the latter approach henceforth. Best, Cynthia

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 8 years ago