I Haven't Missed My Calling



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Lay Professional Ministry

For 49 years I served churches and served on 3 Annual Conference staffs with no credentials except a firm belief that God had called me to that ministry. In retirement I continue to serve in many of the same ways. God calls all of us, some to ordained ministry but many more to lay ministry. Embrace your calling.

Gloria Thomas more than 7 years ago

A Wake-up Call for all of us

As a clergywoman who has LONG held this position that the laity are ministers as well as us ordained folk, I repeat a hearty "AMEN!" This notion that one must be ordained in order to serve God is a man-made stipulation. The disciples weren't ordained (unless you count the fact that they were called by Jesus--just like many layfolk today). The women who carried the first good news of the risen Christ certainly weren't ordained! After all, they were Jewish women who had few rights at all. We ordained folks need to get over ourselves and realize that the mandate to "Go and make disciples" was given to a handful of ordinary working folks who just didn't know any better than to go out and do what the Master told them to do! Perhaps if more lay people realized the burden of ministry they carry, our world would indeed be transformed for God.

Rev. Linda D. Stoddard more than 7 years ago

This story needs to be required reading for ordainment!

Re. Stoddard and Cynthia Astle you have it absolutely correct. A Pastor who doesn't feel that equipping the laity in her congregation is VITAL to the life of the Community doesn't belong in the pulpit. If we are not "Making Disciples for the Transformation of the World" then we are simply the clanging symbol of Paul's letter to the Corinthians. Indeed a hearty "AMEN!" is deserved!

Christine J Baxter more than 7 years ago


Very well articulated, and oh so true! What God could do through the church if every baptized believer lived their calling.

Mark Richardson more than 7 years ago


Total amen, Cynthia. As the spousal unit of clergy and as district lay leader, I'm well aware of the impact that lay people can make. While I love and respect ordained clergy (after all, I'm married to one) you're completely correct that ordination doesn't confer any magical qualities., and that lay persons can do God's work in equal measure. Thanks for your continued work for the church!

David more than 7 years ago

Right on!


Tom Griffith more than 7 years ago

Missed my calling.

I loved the article about a woman who said she did not miss her calling. She does what she does best. A title does not make you any closer to God than a child of God or as you call it a lay person. WE are all children of God. Even Jesus was a Son of God without a title when he preached his messages. Titles are vanity. This was an excellent woman's message when she knew who she was.

Sandy Bouchard more than 7 years ago