Lamentation for Matthew Warren



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Tragic loss of life

Apparently Rev. Warren thought his son was "gentle, kind, quick to show comfort to others" and I can only wonder if this son was gay!!!!!! The preacher was apparently comfortable in naming his son as someone with mental illness....but I am wondering whether the "mental illness" was the pressure to "be heterosexual." The home and the church in which this young man grew up was fiercely he was gay and trying to hide that, pretend he was not, he would be under tremendous MENTAL could "go crazy" trying to be other than who one is!!!
I am in sorrow for the young man.....but not for his parents or the hummongus church. Being SO against a minority of God's beloved sons and daughters is sinful. Rick Warren calls himself Christian but doesn't seem to understand Jesus.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 9 years ago