Time to Topple the False God



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Keeping "guns" and their killing in perspective...

First, lets ban automobiles because they kill more innocent people than guns. Next, lets ban fast food because those hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken and such are responsible for 10,000s of deaths each year. Why is it we can hear of a church bus or a senior’s bus rolling down an icy hill killing innocent kids or old folks, but hear no liberal shrill to ban those buses? Guns won our freedom and guns keep us free. And, that our society has both nuts and criminals and now, ISIS, loose among us, we need to protect ourselves.

P.S. How is the ban on abortions coming? Especially those partial birth abortions? Where are you on that? How many millions have been killed in that way? Liberals don’t seem to mind murder by abortion, but murder by gun is reason to throw out the 2nd amendment, hmmmm?

Reese more than 4 years ago

Nothing but false equivalency here

This ridiculous post exemplifies "whataboutism."

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

Gun control

This seems to be little more than an anti-American rant. The author presumes to know what the second amendment really means dismissing our founding fathers’ intent, as well as 230 years of legislative history and Supreme Court decisions. This is arrogance of the highest order.
Using FiveThirtyEight as a source is suspect in my opinion. Nate Silver should stick to baseball statistics and politics. BTW he predicted that Donald Trump only had a 5% chance of getting the nomination and the day before the election he had Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning at 2 to 1 over Donald Trump. The stats quoted are misleading, especially the mass shooting numbers. The FBI definition of a mass shooting is too broad for discussion. It does not factor out the non-fatal shootings and would include any incident where there are several people involved. The gang banger shootings in Chicago alone drive that number way up. We do not have 271 Las Vegas style incidents every year. The CDC has plenty of statistics and among the leading causes of death in this country homicide by firearm does not even make it into the top 100, ranking below motor vehicle accidents and accidental falls. If we are going to use statistics then do not pluck one out of the bottom of the stack simply because of the very public and graphic nature of the event.
I have yet to see a single gun control proposal that would have prevented a Sandy Hook or Las Vegas style incident. If anyone can think of one then let’s hear it. Even the Washington Post article referenced in this post admits that most gun control measures would do little to reduce gun deaths. Maybe we could move firearm homicide from the 107th leading cause of death to 109. Maybe. The Supreme Court is not cowed by the gun industry. They are appointed for life for a reason. It is to immunize the court from political lobbying. While we may not agree with the Supreme Court decisions all the time no one can seriously say they are cowed by any industry.
If you want to address idols how about the Woman’s Right to Choose idol? In 2013 there were more than 660,000 abortions in this country. Sixty times the number of gun homicides. Seventy-six percent of those abortions were elective and had nothing to do with the health of the mother or child. Planned Parenthood, our country’s abortion brokers, spends many times more money in abortion lobbying than the NRA does. That is an industry that really has our politicians cowed. If the CDC counted elective abortion as a cause of death it would rank number 3, way ahead of respiratory diseases.
Phrases such as “religion of slaughter” and “authority to kill fellow citizens” and “false god of gun worship” only poison any attempt at civil debate. I ask again; What gun control legislation would prevent an incident such as the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas?

Kevin more than 4 years ago