What Do United Methodists Want from Their Bishops?



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I also think that bishops should be bilingual. See my blog on this at http://aiateam.blogspot.com. Go to the article "May 3 - Seeking Contacts I Had Missed so Far" then scroll down in it to a section entitled "What if...?"

But it may be too soon to expect WASP episcopal candidates to have that gift. I can dream.

Rev. Jerry Eckert more than 9 years ago

Episcopal criteria

This is a timely article and should be read by every delegate going to Jurisdictional Conference. These thoughts should be framed into questions for when the candidates for the episcopacy come around to interview with each delegation.

I would like to see the criteria and measuring devices of the South Central Jurisdiction's Episcopacy Committee. They obviously went to a lot of trouble late last year to come up with their evaluation system for their bishops.

It should not be pre-empted by other jurisdictions for two reasons.

One, if they just accept it before they try their own hand at it, they will lose both their own creativity and the unique needs of their own jurisdiction.

Two, they might inadvertently accept a process that focusses on only certain bishops and on not all of them.

Let me urge each jurisdiction to pull together its own list of desired qualities and job descriptions for all the bishops they have and they need to elect so that when the bishops begin their work September 1, everyone will know what is expected of them BEFORE they begin their quadrennium.

Rev. Jerry Eckert more than 9 years ago