What Would Jesus Say to Simone Biles?



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Simone Biles

I commend to your reading the column by commentator Sally Jenkins, "Biles was abandoned, and the torment hasn't stopped" published in the July 29 edition of the Washington Post: The US Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics not only only failed to protect young gymnasts from Larry Nasser, they hushed it up, according to evidence released by the Justice Department two weeks ago, with the USAG chief trading favors with an FBI agent to "bottom-drawer" the evidence. And that incident , which Biles learned of just before the 2021 Olympics, took place on July 27, 2015. IMHO, there is a straight-line to be drawn between the release of documentary evidence from the Justice Department, the date of the betrayal in 2015 and the date one which Simone Biles suffered "twisties."

Ellen Bachman 78 days ago