What Happened in Roseburg Won't Stay in Roseburg



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Criminal Control

The Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights serve to describe precisely the limits of federal power and specifically the rights of citizens. In that equation, need does not enter into the calculation. It is irrelevant. If a specific power is not granted to the fed. govt., it is retained by the states. It is that simple. And, if the federal govt. is restricted from infringing on a right described in the BOR, then that right is beyond the fed. govt. It is that simple.

The Bill of Rights serves as a firewall to protect the citizen from fed. govt. over reach. As part of the BOR, the 2nd amendment is problematic for some. Fine. If they wish to eliminate a provision of the BOR, that is their right. There is a constitutionally provided process by which changes can be made. They will need to follow the process provided. It's that simple.

bthomas more than 6 years ago

Gun control

It is not necessary to express a need to exercise a right. We have the right to bear arms and if our citizens choose to exercise that right no further justification is required.

Kevin more than 6 years ago