Where Do We Go from Here?

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Another Book? Really?

Just what we don’t need another book to “explain” things. It is plain for all to see that time is up, and it is best for everyone to split. A few years ago, at my annual conference the leaders brought in Adam Hamilton to lay the ground work for where they just knew the church was going. Also to sell books and to enlighten us as to what we need to do for the future. Well they were wrong then and if continue with this nonsense about staying together, they will see how wrong they still are. We are no longer going to follow and accept that they know best when obviously they are so out of touch and clueless with the people in the pews.

Tracy more than 2 years ago

I know where I'm going.

I'm heading out of the Methodist church entirely.

I saw nothing related to the Grace of God through the GC2019 proceedings, and the accusations flung in both directions related to actions before, during and after.

I'm not sure I'll even join a church, any church, after this debacle.

Way to represent Jesus, folks. You managed to push me from True Believer status to UnChurched in the course of a couple of months.

JR more than 2 years ago

Typical COB behavior

Yep. Yet another book is really useful at this point. Our Bishops are a joke. Before GC2019, when they thought they were going to get their way, they made loud pronouncements about how GC2019, regardless of the outcome, would put the issue to rest! They also fought tooth and nail against allowing any gracious exit plans and tried every trick in the book to not allow any plan to be voted on except their own!

But now they want a do-over since they didn't get their way! Would the liberal/progressive side have allowed the conservatives a do-over if the liberals had won? Of course not! This is the definition of self-serving hypocrisy.

Any plan proposed for GC2020 except for separation is a waste of time. Anyone proposing anything else in this silly book is simply demonstrating their own clueless self-importance.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago


I hope you do realize that if the vote had gone the other way, the split still would have happened.

Arjay more than 2 years ago