The Problem Is Not the Disagreement



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Here is my problem

I cannot see how people who have no trouble at all eating shrimp, wearing mixed fabrics, letting their daughters live alone as adults or otherwise outside of the parents' house, and especially the divorced and remarried can justify their hatreds directed toward our LGBT brothers and sisters by claiming "But the Bi-i-i-i-ble says..." I cannot see the justification for acting to exclude LGBTs when we have pastors who are divorced and remarried and our right wing brothers and sisters seem especially fond of mixed fabrics. I see a caucus which seeks dominance over the UMC when I see "Good News" and other outlets of fearmongering screaming "Gay gay gay gay gay!"

So - If they can stop that - we might have some room here. If not....

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago

Problem solved

Can’t believe you dredged up the old shellfish argument. What does the BoD say about blended fabrics and shellfish? Not much I will venture to say. There is Article VI that addresses moral laws vs ceremonial ones. And we have Acts 10:15 that sort of puts crabcakes back on the table. I personally have no problem with prohibiting divorced pastors but our BoD seems OK with it.

Kevin more than 8 years ago

Confusing the argument

Scott, you bring a sound perception to what is happening in the UMC over homosexuality. In Anglo-Saxon culture, it is so easy to think in terms of black and white rather than the grays and plaids reality lays before us. As I read different articles attempting to deal with the theme of schism, I feel like we are hollering our view points from different places on the Tower of Babel! Neither letting our thinking be too simplistic nor ignoring the arguments of others is going to lead to any consensus. Thank you for offering some guidance on to how to argue and some things to avoid which prevent resolving the argument.

Jerry Eckert more than 8 years ago