2012 General Conference

Transform with Love

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Despite the recent history of disappointing General Conferences, Geoffrey Kruse-Safford still has hope that God's spirit of love will break through institutional politics. Read more

GC Archive

All human institutions, including The United Methodist Church, are dysfunctional in some ways, but the Rev. Jerry Eckert thinks the UMC's assets still outweigh its defects. Read more


The World


In the second installment of a three-part series for UM & Global, Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo examines the financial and other costs of being a global denomination. Read more

Global Nature

UMCom Survey

UMCom Survey

The Rev. Jeremy Smith explores the reasons behind statistics that only 53 percent of United Methodists say they believe in a foundational Wesleyan doctrine -- that God's grace is available to all people. Read more

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Holy Conversations

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United Methodist leaders aren't asking the better question when it comes to human sexuality discussions at General Conference, writes the Rev. Dr. William Trench. Read more

Advocating Justice

LGBTQ Demonstrators

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The General Commission on the General Conference seeks more productive ways for delegates to discuss the church's stances regarding homosexuality. Read more

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Discipline Wesley

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Judicial review of proposed General Conference legislation might be a good idea, but there are some caveats, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith of Hacking Christianity. Read more

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Virginia Delegates 2012

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An experimental panel of researchers to review petitions to General Conference for consistency and constitutionality has been proposed by the Commission on the General Conference. Read more

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Inclusion Attempted

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The parallels between the recent performance of the U.S. Congress and the 2012 General Conference delegate are eerie and disquieting. What can we expect for the UMC's 2016 global legislature? Read more

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Legislation Discussed


Conferences' cabinet members recently reviewed legislation approved by the 2012 General Conference that allows for part-time clergy appointments without pension benefits. Read more

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Bishop Jack M. Tuell

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Retired Bishop Jack M. Tuell, a respected expert on United Methodist law, offers his suggestions for moving beyond the dysfunction of the 2012 General Conference. Read more

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Fitzgerald Reist

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After an interpretation by the secretary of the General Conference, bishops and other leaders are questioning whether the global United Methodist legislative assembly actually eliminated guaranteed appointment for clergy. Read more

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Sacking of Jerusalem

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UMC in Exile

The Rev. Tim McClendon likes the aftermath of the 2012 General Conference to Israel's exile in Babylon, finding its utter chaos a sign of opportunity for renewal. Read more

Jun 8, 2012 3:26 PM Tim McClendon

Anxiety and the General Conference

The Rev. Sam Powers of the Oklahoma Conference encourages the UMC to lead the way into the future, confident that God is already out in front. Read more

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Sumo Wrestlers

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Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj reflects on the 2012 General Conference from the perspective of an Asian American United Methodist, a minority group whose experience he believes can help the UMC move into a vital future. Read more


Veteran United Methodist communicator Rich Peck tells the story of a lost opportunity to foster global unity at the 2012 General Conference. Read more

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The Call to Action Aftermath

The Rev. Jerry Eckert surveys the aftermath of legislation intended to enact the Council of Bishops' "Call to Action" program. Read more

May 30, 2012 12:17 PM Jerry Eckert


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The Rev. Shannon Karafanda, youth pastor at Hopewell United Methodist Church in North Georgia, offers suggestions on how to present the next General Conference better over the Internet. Read more


Delegates Confer

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Elaine Moy of the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women reports on the demographics of delegates to the 2012 General Conference as compiled by the General Council on Finance and Administration. Read more

Kim Cape

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The Rev. Kim Cape, top executive of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, offers her insights on how to move The United Methodist Church forward after the disappointing results of the 2012 General Conference. Read more

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