2019 General Conference



Preaching on the Sunday before General Conference begins, the Rev. Ashley Crowder Stanley finds that tenderness toward people brings out a variety of heartfelt emotion in her congregation. Read more


With his hobby of making butterfly ornaments from soda cans, the Rev. Mark Conrad finds a parallel to the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. Read more

Practicing Faith

What will happen to legacies of the Rev. Bruce Weaver and layman Philip Susag – and countless others like them – if the church they both loved and served breaks apart in St. Louis? Read more

Views from a Ridge

Attitudes and laws on LGBTQ acceptance vary widely in Europe and Eurasia, which places delegates from these regions of the UMC in good position to demonstrate unity amid diversity, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

Global Nature

Chett Pritchett, former executive director of Methodist Federation for Social Action, describes why he left the denomination. Read more


Former seminary professor and North Texas pastor, the Rev. Dr. Dwight Judy makes a theological case for delegates to adopt the One Church Plan. Read more

A Way Forward

Helen Ryde, a jurisdictional coordinator for Reconciling Ministries Network, is making her way from western North Carolina to the special General Conference in St. Louis by stopping to pray at United Methodist Churches. Read more

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Fearful of the souls who could be lost to Christianity if the UMC continues its anti-LGBTQ stances, the Rev. Morgan Guyton poses some heartfelt, if uncomfortable, questions to Traditional Plan supporters. Read more

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Two descendants of United Methodist leaders, an American and a Congolese, plead with GC2019 delegates to consider the catastrophic effects of the Traditional and Modified Traditional Plans. Read more

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Deux descendants de dirigeants méthodistes unis, une Américaine et un Congolais, ont exhorté les délégués du GC2019 à examiner les effets catastrophiques des plans traditionnels et des plans traditionnels modifiés. Read more

A Way Forward

Former United Methodists who are LGBTQ say they've been so hurt by the church's policies regarding people of sexual minorities that they can't stay any longer. Read more

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Former United Methodists who are LGBTQ and the parent of a gay son tell what caused them finally to leave the UMC. Read more

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In a companion to his analysis of African laws and views on homosexuality, Dr. David W. Scott explores the same topics for the Philippines. Read more

A Way Forward

Certainty and conviction are not the same thing, and Christian faith is built on convictions about God's will for humanity's good, even when circumstances are uncertain, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. Read more


Using Jesus' parable of the Lost Sheep, Rev. Charlie Baber of Wesley Bros suggests that the grassroots approach of the One Church Plan is likely the best way forward for the church regarding human sexuality. Read more


The Rev. Dr. Cedric Bridgeforth completes Hacking Christianity's series focused on the perspectives LGBTQI delegates to the special called General Conference. Read more

A Way Forward

The Rev. Matt Miofsky, lead pastor of United Methodism's third-fastest-growing congregation, says that his church's "both/and" approach, reflected in the One Church Plan, is the UMC's best way forward. Read more

A Way Forward

Satisfaction skills and prayer

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Educator and counselor Tom DeLaughry explains how the realization of bias perceptives – which affect both traditionalists and progressives – can be used to create unity in the UMC when applied through prayer. Read more


The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant points out the many ways scripture endorses varieties of marriage considered inappropriate today. Read more

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Louisiana clergywomen's "Strands of Unity" display of pearls as prayer goes viral across the United Methodist connection. Read more

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