2019 General Conference

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church (COB) has asked the Judicial Council for a declaratory decision as to the constitutionality, meaning, application and effect of certain petitions adopted as the Traditional Plan. Read more

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Delegates who have been involved with the Commission on A Way Forward and have supported the One Church Plan are asking the Judicial Council to reconsider its ruling on the Traditional Plan's constitutionality. Read more

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The Rev. Lloyd Nyarota, a United Methodist pastor from Zimbabwe, interprets the political manipulation of African delegates by American conservatives at the 2019 General Conference. Read more

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United Methodists use social media to track General Conference delegate elections and votes on issues, especially Traditional Plan rejection. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. Lea Matthews sees her ordination as a deacon in the New York Annual Conference fraught with "complexity and complications," writes Jim Patterson of United Methodist News Service. Read more

UMC Future

Because of the adoption of the Traditional Plan, the Rev. Patrick Walker is marking the silver anniversary of his ordination by surrendering his clergy credentials, writes his friend Stephen Drachler. Read more

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Having sounded the warning of conservative takeover for years, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas counsels now, it’s time to pick up the pieces and actually live out of our calling to be in the image of God. Read more

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Is it worth holding on when our personal convictions of liberating love are being held in Egypt? Or is it time for us to plan our Exodus and dismantle forms of oppression and injustice in whatever forms they present themselves? asks Zach Nell. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. Jeremy Smith reports on his experience attending the UMC Next conference May 20-22 at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. Read more

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The Rev. David Livingston of Great Plains Conference gives an early assessment of the value of the UMC Next conference. Read more

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UMC Next participants are speaking out regarding their conference experience and next steps they expect to take in their respective regions. Read more

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UMC Next participants will now fan out to their respective annual conferences to share some of the Leawood discussions and lead conversations on next steps. Read more

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Another Ohio college cuts UMC ties, and UMC Next participants favor creating a new church. Read more

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In the last of three parts, the Rev. Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo offers some suggestions for improving the representation of United Methodists to General Conference Read more

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Portions of the-called Traditional Plan that have been ruled unconstitutional demonstrate just how far into "wonderland" and away from Methodism conservatives have taken the denomination, writes the Rev. Dr. Rebekah Miles. Read more

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Annual conferences throughout worldwide United Methodism will consider resolutions on sexuality, environmental stewardship and the future of the denomination. Read more

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans now favor same-gender marriages, which The United Methodist Church refuses to perform. Read more

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Committee Vote

UMNS Photo by Mike DuBose

A major question for The United Methodist Church in contemplating its future is how we define representational governance, writes the Rev. Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo. Read more

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A Colorado United Methodist communicator has gathered links to many annual conference petitions intended to resist the Traditional Plan. Read more

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