2019 General Conference

Ohio Wesleyan University

Brad Ward

A proposed split in the United Methodist Church could be good news for colleges that struggled with whether to retain their church affiliation following the adoption of anti-LGBT policies. Read more

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The denomination’s attitude towards its current failures can be seen as part of a larger pattern of ignoring or minimizing failures rather than learning from them, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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The court decided to hold the request submitted by the Council of Bishops on the question of improper voting to its next session because its members want to see the investigations evidence. Read more

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Vote on disaffiliation gets sharp scrutiny from members of the Judicial Council, who questioned the authority of the General Commission on the General Conference to conduct an investigation. Read more

General Conference 2019

In the wake of the exclusionary and punitive actions of General Conference 2019, Bishop Elaine JW Stanovsky has formed a Greater Northwest Area Guiding Coalition to "help to shape and lead a new movement of Methodism." Read more

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Insight Editor Cynthia B. Astle found this year's "futuring" program at the Church of the Resurrection's Leadership Institute proved that true reform for the UMC is unlikely to come from those invested in the existing institution. Read more

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LGBTQ Demonstrators

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While there may be plenty of sentiment for breaking up The United Methodist Church in the United States, the reality of separating the worldwide denomination is fraught with obstacles. Read more

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Activities around the UMC's future around the question of LGBTQ+ inclusion ebbed this week, but they'll come back soon. Read more

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Two high-profile proposals for the United Methodist Church's future – including separation into different denominations – were presented at the annual Leadership Institute held by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Read more

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Part history lesson, part camp meeting and part church politics, the future of The United Methodist Church as a worldwide denomination took center stage at the 2019 session of the Leadership Institute at the United Methodist Church Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott analyzes the dynamics of the forces involved in shaping a future for The United Methodist Church. Read more

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There will be many twists and turns in the path to a future for United Methodism – even if the various parties involved can agree on one path, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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The 400th anniversary of slavery in America prompts the Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell to call The United Methodist Church to address its own racist history through petitions to the 2020 General Conference. Read more

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The Rev. Dr. Mark R. Holland of Mainstream UMC explores past actions of traditionalist/conservative forces in the church that he believes led to evidence of voter fraud at the 2019 special General Conference. Read more

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After the special 2019 General Conference, Norway United Methodists determined they wanted a decision-making process that would include and respect all views, writes the Rev. Knut Refsdal. Read more

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United Methodist bishops and the denomination's financial agency are responding swiftly to the request for action after the discovery of fraudulent voting at the special 2019 General Conference. Read more

General Conference 2019

The Rev. William B. Lawrence, past president of the Judicial Council, shows how actions of the 2019 General Conference violated not only United Methodism's highest laws, but also its greatest theology of God's grace. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global recommends watching a Norwegian scholar's presentation to understand the views of European United Methodists about the results of the 2018 General Conference. Read more


The Rev. William B. Lawrence, past president of the Judicial Council, contends that the Commission on General Conference shouldn't have considered allegations of GC2019 voter fraud behind closed doors. Read more

General Conference 2019

New revelations of vote tampering at the 2019 General Conference prompt the Rev. Jeremy Smith to call once more for auditing annual conference membership counts. Read more

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