2020 General Conference

A welter of "plans" for somehow dividing The United Methodist Church along lines of LGBTQ+ acceptance now face the denomination. Read more

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Final arrangements for the 2020 General Conference include changes in its official journal, the Daily Christian Advocate, and some 13,000-plus purple "hospitality" scarves for delegates, guests, bishops and other dignitaries. Read more

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Sierra Leone Offering

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Dr. David W. Scott offers some additional reflections on how much money the central conferences collect and how that compares to the amount of U.S. financial support for central conference ministry. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott looks at two possible scenarios: What would happen if all U.S. subsidies were to stop through complete separation from the current denominational system, and what would happen if U.S. subsidies were to decline by a third. Read more

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Mainstream UMC's latest survey installment finds that Progressives and Centrists can live together in one church, but not as the UMC is currently organized. Read more

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GC2020 lay delegate Frank Holbrook from Memphis Conference tries to find a starting point on the UMC's impasse. Read more

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Like many United Methodists, the Rev. Ben Gosden feels he has a foot in both theological camps and isn't totally happy in either one. Read more

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Will the denomination act toward schism or splinter? The Rev. John E. Harnish says it’s still too soon to tell what might happen. He urges careful consideration of consequences. Read more

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GC2019 Bishops Group

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Bishop David Alan Bard of Michigan and Bishop Scott J. Jones of Texas think they've come up with a plan that would preserve connectional ministries but allow more freedom of theology and practice. Read more

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Any United Methodist individual or organization may submit petitions to change the Book of Discipline through Sept. 18, 2019. Read more

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The Rev. Darren Cushman Wood wants those who see themselves as "centrist" United Methodist to understand the full scope of progressives' concerns and actions. Read more

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Mainstream UMC's executive director says the organization will share its survey results with all unofficial groups and church units working on the UMC's future. Read more

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Leaders in different parts of The United Methodist Church differ over what impact this year's delegate elections will have in overturning the Traditional Plan or splitting the denomination. Read more

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Uniting Methodists has invited clergy and laity to think about and propose ways to reorganize the denomination. Read more

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Centrist and progressive candidates sweep General Conference delegate elections in four annual conferences on one day. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith shares guidelines developed by the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference on how to actively resist the Traditional Plan. Read more

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Churches that want to leave the United Methodist denomination face large payouts for clergy pensions and other church-wide financial obligations, reports Heather Hahn. Read more

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Latest tallies on General Conference elections; one LGBTQ leader departs and another "rides the circuit." Read more

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