Amendment 1 rejection

A new vote on the women's equality amendment was taken after staff at United Methodist Communications reported an error in wording of the original ballot. Read more

Global Nature

An incoming clergywoman questions The United Methodist Church about what her future might hold in light of the rejection of two amendments on women's equality. Read more

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Jennifer Ferariza-Meneses, executive of women's work for the Philippines Central Conference, says that women have learned "the value and importance of collective action and shared leadership and service." Read more


Darlene Marquez-Caramanzana writes that rejection of Amendment 1 shows that The United Methodist Church has failed in its mission to show the world how Christ brings equality for women and men. Read more


This week the Wesley Bros reminds us of the splendid line of women who have helped to spread the Methodist movement despite the many roadblocks the church has placed in their way. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith attributes the downfall of two United Methodist constitutional amendments on women's equality to "gay panic." Read more

Jeremy Smith

A pastoral letter from Bishop David Bard of Michigan acknowledges the church's pain over recent events and counsels faith and patience in the face of doubts and fears about the UMC's future. Read more

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The real issue for the 2019 General Conference isn't homosexuality or even unity, it's domination, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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Sharing the sadness and disappointment felt by many United Methodists, the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper examines the misogyny behind votes rejecting a church constitutional amendment meant to protect women and girls. Read more

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