It's hard to calculate precisely how much United Methodists in the United States send to Europe, Africa and Asia, but Dr. David W. Scott reliably estimates it's tens of millions of dollars every year. Read more

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Making Connections

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“Connectionalism” is an often used and seldom understood buzzword in The United Methodist Church, and its actual impact is greater than "the web of interactive relationships" described in the Book of Discipline, writes Dr. Darryl W. Stephens. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott explains what the general budget of The United Methodist Church supports financially. Read more

Global Nature

Plus managing the media glut on LGBTQ inclusion in the UMC and the latest media mentions. Read more

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Africa University continues to rank at top of general-church apportioned funds; some conferences increased their payouts. Read more

Finance and Administration

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The finances of the worldwide United Methodist Church almost take an accountant to unpack, but we did our best to answer readers' questions about Discipleship Ministries' money and recent personnel cutbacks. Read more

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Twenty-nine U.S. annual conferences and nine regions in the Central Conferences paid the full amounts of their fair-share contributions known as apportionments, reports Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. Read more

Finance and Administration

United Methodist annual conferences had the highest level of 100 percent payout of funding for ministries beyond the local church in 20 years, according to the General Council of Finance and Administration. Read more

Finance and Administration

When we use our United Methodist apportionments as a weapon to fight for our particular cause, people caught in the middle get hurt, writes the Rev. B. Kevin Smalls. Read more

Finance and Administration

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With news that a leading large-membership church is withholding its apportionments to show disapproval of United Methodist leaders, the Rev. Jeremy Smith outlines why such protest action only hurts the church. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith uses "big data" to explode false narratives about the current identity and possible future of The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Holding the UMC Hostage 02 - The Blueprint

The Rev. Jeremy Smith continues his four-part series examining the motivations and effects of a proposal by the Rev. Andy Langford that congregations fund only those general UMC funds directly related to "making disciples." Read more

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