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The Rev. Esther Rodriquez describes how she came to affirm LGBTQ+ people in the third installment of a series from alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary. Read more

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Asbury alumna Janine Roberts had to leave the United Methodist Church that nurtured her life and ministry in order to marry and find an affirming faith community. Read more


The Rev. Dr. Steve Harper kicks off a new series by alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary on how their faith journeys led them to acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. Read more


Longtime civil and humans activist the Rev. Gilbert Caldwell finds opportunities and cautions in a recent letter to dissidents from President Timothy C. Tennent of Asbury Theological Seminary. Read more

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Bill Mefford, an initiator of the alumni and students' letter to Asbury Theological Seminary, offers suggestions to help the institution apologize and repent of the harm it has caused LGBTQ people. Read more

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Petitions from alumnae of UMC-related United Theological Seminary, and UMC-approved Asbury Theological Seminary, repudiate the Wesleyan Covenant Association and support the work of the Way Forward commission, reports the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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An anthropologist from Asbury Seminary finds the proposed church identity document "to be a positive attempt to deal with the global diversity found within the Body of Christ." Read more

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Retired Bishop William B. Lewis thinks United Methodist annual conferences, not General Conference, should have the authority to say whether they find LGBTQ people fit for ordained ministry. Read more

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Upside Down Church

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Rather than being persecuted, conservative "renewal" forces in The United Methodist Church actually dominate -- and have torn apart -- the global denomination, argues the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Stan Horwood

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United Methodist layman Stan Horwood, a Texas rancher, has donated $1 million for Rio Texas Conference students to attend two seminaries. Read more

Ordained Ministry

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The concept of orthodoxy, or "right thinking," is far more nuanced and complex than most Christians understand, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith in response to a recent post by the Rev. Dr. Timothy Tennent, president of Asbury Theological Seminary. Read more

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