Ash Wednesday

Lent is the time when Christians should ponder whether all the self-help programs in the world can do what only God can do, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

Practicing Faith

The congruence of Valentine's Day with Ash Wednesday sets the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant to thinking about God's complicated love life. Read more

Practicing Faith

Removing the spiritual challenges of Ash Wednesday negates its nature and purpose, which is to remind us of our own morality and sinfulness, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

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Glitter Ash priest

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This year's "Glitter Ash" observance by some Christian congregations including United Methodists, which drew protests, was a quieter expression of glitter as a symbol of LGBTQ rights, according to sociologist Anya M. Galli Robertson. Read more

Advocating Justice

Lent gets a bad rap as a time of restrictions and denial, but the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt sees Lent more as a time of spiritual journey into a closer relationship with God. Read more

Practicing Faith

Morgan with Ashes

Photo from Morgan Guyton

Ash Wednesday offers Christians a chance to recognize their complicity in the sins of the institutional church as well as their personal sins, writers the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

Practicing Faith

Mardi Gras

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After the past year's dispiriting events, Cynthia B. Astle yearns for a Mardi Gras that celebrates humanity's place in God's wondrous creation. Read more

Views from a Ridge


Photo Courtesy of Mike Slaughter

The Rev. Mike Slaughter suggests we could benefit – and brighten the world around us – if we fasted from being a jerk over the 40 days of Lent. Read more

Practicing Faith