Biblical Obedience

Bible with Cross Shadow

“Bible with Cross Shadow,” David Campbell, Flickr C.C.

With all the talk about obeying the Bible's prohibitions against same-gender relationships, or obeying its commandments to love our neighbors, the Rev. Morgan Guyton wonders if anyone truly consults scripture before making an important decision. Read more

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Schaefer Appeal

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

The United Methodist Judicial Council heard arguments Oct. 22 in an appeal of a jurisdictional ruling that restored the ministerial credentials of the Rev. Frank Schaefer, defrocked 10 months ago for presiding at his gay son's wedding. Read more

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Biblical Obedience post

Photo Courtesy of Drew B. McIntyre

The Rev. Drew B. McIntyre contends that those who defy United Methodist law should be prepared to face the consequences, as should those who commit to civil disobedience. Read more

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Missing the Mark

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Continuing his thought-provoking series, the Rev. Jeremy Smith ponders what it would mean to United Methodist unity if we determined that we're wrong about what constitutes sin. Read more

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Thomas Ogletree

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The Rev. Thomas Ogletree, a United Methodist pastor and retired dean of Yale Divinity School, will be tried March 12 in Stamford, Conn., for officiating at the wedding of his gay son. Read more

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