Bishop Michael McKee

Bishop Michael McKee points to United Methodist social doctrines in condemning recent violence against transgender women in the greater Dallas area. Read more


As reports of racially and ethnically motivated attacks and harassment continue, United Methodist Bishop Michael McKee of Dallas urges Christians to stand against bullying, harassment and racial violence. Read more

The Rev. Jane Graner has traveled "40 years in the wilderness" to June 3 ordination as a United Methodist elder in full connection. Read more

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Bishop Michael McKee of the North Texas Annual Conference has issued a statement to clergy and lay members regarding fair process, the procedures provided for complaint resolution in the Book of Discipline. Read more

Finance and Administration

UPDATE: Read firsthand accounts. A clergywoman's complaint about how her allegations of sexual harassment were handled by the North Texas Conference revealed what her supporters saw as a lack of justice and leaders saw as protecting "fair process." Read more

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