Black Lives Matter

The Rev. Bill Cotton first learned about racism under an old peach tree in East Texas where his white mother let him meet his African-American playmates. Now he backs the Black Lives Matter movement. Read more

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We can no longer use fear as the excuse for violence in our society, from police-involved shootings to our fear of one another based on race, writes a seminary administrator. Read more


Losing Influence

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A national survey shows that Americans think many groups will lose influence in the new federal administration, but some United Methodists remain committed to spreading love and seeking justice. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Cristo Negro

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As a white, middle-aged man who is an ordained United Methodist elder the Black Lives Matter movement caused the Rev. Dr. Steven Manskar to examine his own racism through the lenses of John Wesley and Jesus. Read more

Advocating Justice


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Two years after the police shooting death of Michael Brown, the Rev. Morgan Guyton lifts up the Ferguson Declaration for all Christians to consider amid America's racial struggles. Read more

Advocating Justice

Black Lives Matter

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The Rev. Larry Pickens believes America's vulnerability and rash of violent deaths point to something more ominous and dangerous in the body politic that is calling the church to action. Read more


Water march

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Environmental concerns, the start of legislative votes and a disruptive demonstration marked Day 7 of the 2016 General Conference. Read more

GC Archive

Black Lives Matter

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United Methodist communicators around the world chose the ongoing struggle against racism as the top news story for 2015. Read more

In the Church

Bernie Sanders & BLM

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Surveying the furor over the Black Lives Matter movement, the Rev. Morgan Guyton identifies three ways that Christians can serve the cause of justice. Read more

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Rebuilding Community

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United Methodist Bishop Warner H. Brown Jr., president of the Council of Bishops, talks about how to rebuild community in both church and society after recent outbreaks of violence. Read more


Mr. Speaker

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Why White Christians Need to Listen to Amos and Isaiah

The prophets Amos and Isaiah warned self-righteous people that God gets angry at injustice, and in the aftermath of Baltimore's unrest, today's white Christians need to hear the same message, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

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Love One Another

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The Rev. Dan R. Dick ponders possibly the most urgent question before the church and American society today: How do we replace mistrust, fear and similar negative emotions with the promised spiritual gifts of love, joy and peace? Read more

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Concluding her 3-part series, the Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner examines the ways that people of faith are spearheading conversations about America's diversity and what it will take to build community and trust. Read more


Walter Scott Shooting

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When People with Power Do Not Fear God

The shooting death of a black man by a white police officer in South Carolina sparks contemplation of integrity and "fear of God" in the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

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Black Lives Matter

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Seminarian Gabe Horton explains why it's urgent and necessary now to proclaim that "black lives matter." Read more