Central Conferences

The Central Conference bishops’ endorsement of the Connectional Table's proposal for a U.S. regional conference is a big deal for an idea that previously has faced strong opposition. Read more

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GCFA Power Point 2019

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Projections from the General Council on Finance and Administration foretell that the majority status of U.S. membership in The United Methodist Church is coming to an end — and may be there already. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott finds little apparent concern about the fate of current UMC Central Conferences in the Wesleyan Covenant Association's draft of its "Book of Doctrines and Discipline." Read more

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The idea for a pre-conference orientation for Central Conference clergy and lay delegates originated with the General Secretaries Table (a group of chief executives of denominational agencies). Read more

2020 General Conference

The new pre-General Conference orientation session for Central Conference delegates is a highly laudable addition, but it may be too late to counteract similar past efforts by traditionalist forces, writes Cynthia B. Astle Read more

Views from a Ridge

Leaders of Mainstream UMC met with 15 bishops of the international Central Conferences to plead for a moratorium on clergy trials and discuss the denomination's future. Read more

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The United Methodist Church's own history of institutional racism can inform its current struggle over LGBTQ+ inclusion, especially in its international units known as Central Conferences, writes the Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell. Read more

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The possibility of breaking apart the UMC is an issue that directly impacts the lives and the place in the church of members in the central conferences, whose views and voices have traditionally been marginalized in the church, writes David W. Scott. Read more

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With thorough research, Dr. David W. Scott finds that WCA’s offer to save endangered Central Conference ministries may sound great, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money funneled through official UMC channels. Read more

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Having looked at how much United Methodists in the United States send annually to the central conferences (probably over $100 million per year), Dr. David W. Scott looks at how much money the central conferences likely generate themselves. Read more

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It's hard to calculate precisely how much United Methodists in the United States send to Europe, Africa and Asia, but Dr. David W. Scott reliably estimates it's tens of millions of dollars every year. Read more

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Water well

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Dr. David W. Scott outlines ways that Central Conferences can fund future ministries if United Methodist apportionments are reduced by schism or dissolution. Read more

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Central Conference structures outside of the United States pre-date the uniquely American Jurisdictional structure as the level of regional organizing between the Annual and the General Conference. Read more

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Twenty-nine U.S. annual conferences and nine regions in the Central Conferences paid the full amounts of their fair-share contributions known as apportionments, reports Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. Read more

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Bishop John Yambasu

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The bishops say that reorganizing United Methodism in the continent of Africa will enable the church there to do more effective ministry. Read more

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With the Commission on A Way Forward looking at "loosening" the United Methodist connectional structure, Dr. David W. Scott examines the identity of the Central Conferences around the world. Read more

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LGBTQ Demonstrators

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There's no way to avoid resolving a hard fact: for The United Methodist Church to become truly global, all sides of the debate on homosexuality must give up their all-or-nothing orthodoxies, writes the Rev. Thomas H. Griffith. Read more

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Divestment Video

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Fossil Free UMC, a movement to get the denomination to sell off all its petroleum stocks, alleges that a new Pensions Board video urging Central Conference delegates to vote against divestment crosses an ethical line. Read more

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Creating a U.S. Central Conference would truly respect African United Methodists by removing all U.S.-centric issues from General Conference, writes Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global. Read more

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Central Conference Theological Commission

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The group administering a churchwide fund to improve theological education in regions beyond the United States has given another $1 million in grants for pastoral training in Africa, the Philippines and Europe. Read more

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