In these times of anxiety for the church's future, we must remember that there have been other barren people who have given birth when they trusted in God for their futures, writes the Rev. Bill Cotton. Read more

Ordained Ministry

The proliferation of content available through digital media has caused a decline in the paid circulation of both magazines. Read more

Finance and Administration

Our children are seeking God's love, power and grace for a world threatened by gun violence and climate change, writes Bishop Peggy A. Johnson. Read more


Just in time for an annual observance, a young disciple teaches Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant about "a King who lived a long time ago." Read more


Girl Reads Bible

Art Courtesy of Christy Thomas

What would have happened if the story of Adam and the serpent had a different ending? What if Adam had said a solid “no” to evil? The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas responds to a child's questions about Christian faith. Read more

Christy Thomas

Christmas Nativity

Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Even if parents aren't believers, there are still important reasons to bring children to Christmas worship services, writes the Rev. Josh Fitzpatrick. Read more

Local Church

Middle East Wall

Photo by Paul Jeffrey, KairosPhotos

The Rev. Robert Pelfrey dreams of a world where United Methodists become known as the defenders of the world's vulnerable children. Read more

Perspectives 1 Comments

Chelsea Chipenda

Photo by Taurai Emmanuel Maforo, Zimbabwe Episcopal Area Communicator

Would you accept the preaching authority of a 12-year-old? United Methodist leaders in Zimbabwe have, and Dr. David W. Scott says that's only one way in which "authority" varies around the global United Methodist Church. Read more

Global Nature

ALL the Children

Featured image by Flickr user epSos. de. Used under Creative Commons License. Cropped from original.

Daunting as the challenges seem, the gospel of Jesus Christ demands that Christians never resist caring for the welfare of all the world's children, writes the Rev. Brandon Lazarus. Read more


Looking back over a hectic two years in his current appointment, the Rev. Jim Parsons discovers that a seemingly small effort to update his church's nursery symbolizes big changes in hospitality. Read more

Jim Parsons 1 Comments

Matthew's Rules for a New Year

The Rev. F. Richard Garland gives us another example of how little children can lead us to spiritual wisdom. Read more

Jan 4, 2013 11:09 AM F. Richard Garland

  • Family History

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    Family History

    Sharing a family history can teach children resilience to face life's challenges. Photo courtesy of Jack Shitama.