Christian unity

The gospel of Jesus Christ that reconciles us to God and one another is more important than any divisions we may have, says retired Bishop Kenneth Carder. Read more

A Way Forward 3 Comments

One of the first Methodist clergywomen, Rev. Jeanne Audrey Powers was a staunch advocate for women church leaders at all levels and a devoted ecumenist committed to the transformative power of faith in Jesus Christ. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Jacob Dharmaraj


The Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj questions what the purpose of the relocated and revamped ecumenical and interfaith office should be: a program unit based on past glories or a think tank blazing a trail to the future. Read more

Global Nature

Diverse Table

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How can we find our way forward in unity without expecting uniformity? asks the Rev. Mike Slaughter. Read more

Practicing Faith

In the midst of chaotic times, Dr. Hal Brady advocates for three qualities to form greater unity: shared adversity, commitment and love. Read more


John Wesley Preaching

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Discipleship Ministries will hold what is believed to be the first ecumenical conference in North America on the meaning and practice of Christian evangelism in the 21st century. Read more

Local Church 1 Comments

Trying to see Christ in everyone, even when the image of God seems absent, helps to foster unity and spread the Holy Spirit's gifts, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

Perspectives Archive

War Games

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A new collaborative blog, "Via Media Methodists," puts forth its mission to steer away from what its authors see as extreme ideologies dividing The United Methodist Church. Read more


Sinking ship

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A vision of a sinking ship brings the Rev. Laura Felleman to ponder what's the most appropriate move for clergy and laity of The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Two Things That Lead Toward Christian Unity

United Methodist layman Henry Neufeld recommends that the church focus on service to others and Bible study as ways to develop a common purpose. Read more

Feb 5, 2013 4:05 PM Henry Neufeld

Unity Hug

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The Church of Jesus Christ has always struggled to be united in spirit and mission, writes the Rev. Thomas Lane Butts. The key is not material resources, but hearts and minds in tune with Christ, he says. Read more