Church Systems Study

Current UMC Structure

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What UMC Restructure Proposals Are Ignoring

Rev. Jerry Eckert points out that a wave of clergy retirements on the horizon are being ignored by virtually all of the proposals to restructure The United Methodist Church. Read more

Apr 10, 2012 11:01 AM Jerry Eckert 8 Comments

Pastor Tracey's Story

John Meunier shares the heart-breaking story of a licensed local pastor whose successful ministry was shot down by a short-sighted congregation and a hardhearted United Methodist system. Read more

Apr 2, 2012 12:31 PM John Meunier

Super Clergy

United Methodist Insight Illustration

The Church Systems Study provides the most accurate and highly disturbing portrait of The United Methodist Church, and gives sensible recommendations for how to relieve unhealthy stress on clergy. Read more



United Methodist News Service Photo by Jill Shirley, Minnesota Annual Conference.

The Church Systems Study reveals a workplace culture in The United Methodist Church in which clergy are asked to do monumental tasks of ministry for low salaries and little support, leading to major health problems and high insurance costs. Read more

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