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Child in Nature

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In caring for God's creation, the challenge moving forward is to consider the ways in which I contribute harming the environment, and thereby harming neighbors, writes the Rev. Ryan Dunn. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Banks that fund corporations which contribute to climate change were the aim of an artistic demonstration Sept. 25 during the week of Global Climate Strike, writes the Rev. Sharon Delgado. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change 1 Comments

United Methodist Insight joins other news outlets in expanding coverage of the global climate crisis that threatens all of God's creation on planet Earth. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

United Methodist program boards and agencies have been working for many years on caring for God's creation and reducing harmful climate change. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change 4 Comments

United Methodist Women offer support for the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20 with a statement and resources. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Dr. David W. Scott highlights United Methodist connections to the Global Climate Strike scheduled for Friday, Sept. 20. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

The church agency that administers United Methodist pension funds and benefits programs is making progress toward improving the effects of church investments on the environment, but some believe changes are coming too slowly. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change 2 Comments

The Rev. Phil Amerson finds Land Institute founder Wes Jackson to be a man who thinks theologically about the damage humans are doing to Earth and its natural inhabitants. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

WCC Climate Activists

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Placing every effort toward the goal of preserving the environment needs to be our primary and urgent mission. We have no time to waste on moralizing about who people might love, and how pastoral caregivers minister to their congregations. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Faith leaders said religions have a unique role to play in environmental issues because some 85 percent of the world's people follow some form of religion. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Parliament of the World's Religions adds care for the Earth to its 25-year-old declaration, Global Ethic. Read more

Global Nature

We face a direct existential threat from climate change this Advent, and our seasonal reflections must turn us toward radical action to stop it, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

Views from a Ridge 1 Comments

Do we need God when all our “needs” are met? Do we need God when we no longer operate out of an economy of scarcity or of a need to appeal an all-powerful deity to stay alive? wonders the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas as she continues up the Amazon River. Read more

Christy Thomas

The concept of “just transitions” aims to ensure that the burden of adjusting to reduce climate change does not fall on those who contributed least to it, are most vulnerable to it, and have the least resources to deal with it. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Climate March

UMNS Photo by James K. Karpen

Advocating for the safety and security of communities affected by climate change offers a new mission area for United Methodists, says Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

Global Nature

"Willful ignorance" on the urgent need to address climate change isn't mere politics; it's one more example of the age-old curse of Cain in killing our brothers, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. Read more

Perspectives 2 Comments

Climate Vigil

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Adapting his recent presentation as a distinguished alumnus of Boston University School of Theology, Dr. David W. Scott explains why he thinks our greatest challenges are climate change, national reconciliation, and international partnership. Read more

Global Nature

Activists say it is important for the faith community to show up as the world struggles with the realities of climate change. Read more

Global Health

On the run from a hurricane, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant takes time to reflect on how Florence represents the changing nature of our planet. Read more

Perspectives 1 Comments

First UMC of Ashland, Ore., will partner with the Climate Speakers Network to bring a conference to the West Coast for training people of faith on how to respond to climate change effects. Read more

Global Health

  • Columbia Drive United Methodist Church

    Volunteers at the community garden at Columbia Drive United Methodist Church in Decatur, Ga., take a break. (Photo courtesy of Columbia Drive United Methodist Church.)

  • Plastic monster tree

    Photo courtesy of Cara Fleischer

    Plastic monster tree

    A tree made from nonrecyclable plastic was displayed at the Florida Annual Conference in June 2019 in Lakeland, Fla. Photo courtesy of Cara Fleischer.

  • A U.S. flag flies above an oil refinery near Houston, Texas, in 2008. Wespath, the United Methodist pensions and benefits agency, is under pressure environmental advocacy groups to divest from fossil fuel companies in response to concerns over climate change. (File photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.)

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    Seasonal naturalist Mary DuBose leads a discovery walk for children along Henry Creek at Beaman Park in Nashville, Tenn., in 2011. In 2017 Wespath added an environmental item to its list of beliefs that help guide where money is invested. (File photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.)

  • A participant holds a lantern during a climate vigil outside the 2016 United Methodist General Conference in Portland, Ore. The lanterns were lit with a small solar light that following the vigil were sent to community groups in the Philippines, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the United States. (File photo by Paul Jeffrey, UM News.)