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Bishops, especially Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Conference, are giving different accounts of what the Council of Bishops voted to forward to the 2019 General Conference. more

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The real issue for the 2019 General Conference isn't homosexuality or even unity, it's domination, writes Cynthia B. Astle. more

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Devadhar and Vink

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The Council of Bishops' proposal to adopt the "One Church" model on United Methodist unity gets few full endorsements and lots of doubts. more

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The United Methodist Council of Bishops wants to give annual conferences, congregations and pastors the authority to decide their own stances regarding the inclusion of LGBTQ people in the life and ministry of the church. more

A Way Forward

Bishop Bob Hoshibata explains to the Desert Southwest Conference what actions the Council of Bishops took in regard to the report from the Commission on A Way Forward on three church unity models. more

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While recommending the so-called "One Church" model, the Council of Bishops is sending all three models from the Way Forward Commission to the special 2019 General Conference. more

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An existing provision in the Book of Discipline may hold a solution for which way forward The United Methodist Church could take, says the Rev. Chris Ritter. more

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The Council of Bishops will review and certify votes on constitutional amendments, finalize its Way Forward presentation and induct new officers. more

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Wesley Bros' creator Rev. Charlie Baber looks at the Way Forward proposals in light of this year's 50th anniversary of the creation of The United Methodist Church. more

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Throughout the United States, United Methodist bishops are holding distinctive information and listening sessions for clergy and laity about the Way Forward proposals. more

A Way Forward

One of the moderators of the Commission on A Way Forward, Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball urged the denomination's coordinating body to focus on United Methodists' common interests, not political battles, and to "trust God." more

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Women Clergy Chart

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If the goal of United Methodism is genuinely a pure and holy church, says the Rev. Edwin Womack, then maybe we should add more rules about unacceptable behaviors. more

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Way Foward commissioners complete their report for the Council of Bishops as the church at large awaits results, writes Heather Hahn of United Methodist News Service. more

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After a year and a half of closed-door meetings, the Commission on a Way Forward has finished its recommendation on how to maintain United Methodist unity despite serious internal divisions. more

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Leaders attending the two-day gathering in Dallas March 15-16 included heads of church-related foundations, colleges, seminaries and other institutions that extend the mission of the church. more

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Bishop Elaine Stanovsky of the Greater Northwest Area responds to the Rev. Tom Lambrecht of Good News regarding his allegations in a recent blog post. more

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Uniting Methodists has announced its support for the One Church model presented by the Commission on A Way Forward and encourages other church members to back the idea as well. more

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The Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota, a United Methodist pastor from Africa serving in Canada, counsels the church to look to Jesus, not extremists, as the UMC's way forward into a united future. more

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Of 11 delegates around the world contacted by United Methodist News Service, five from the United States and one from Liberia were willing to give their early impressions of the unity proposals under consideration. more

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Way Forward Moderators

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Three bishops serving as moderators for the Commission on A Way Forward issue an Advent message asking for prayers for the group's first conference call. more

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