Confederate flag

The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant laments that the myths of the Confederacy still fuel hatred in the 21st century American South. Read more

In the World 4 Comments

On the day that South Carolina took down the Confederate flag from its state capitol, the Rev. Timothy McClendon reflects on the history of his home state and his hopes for a more perfect union in the future. Read more


Bishop White Bloody Sunday

Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

The Rev. Clayton Childers tells what it was like for a white Southerner to come to a new understanding of love and justice in today's world. Read more

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The furor over removing the Confederate flag needs more soul-searching for internalized racism than simply taking down worn-out symbols, writes United Methodist Jon Copeland. Read more


Confederate Flag

Courtesy of Richard Bryant

Confronted with a display of a Confederate flag on his way to work, the Rev. Richard L. Bryant responds by buying the flag and obtaining its copies to take the symbol out of public view. Read more