Connectional Conferences Plan

United Methodism is overdue for a major overhaul, and the Rev. Chris Ritter and the Illinois Great Rivers Conference think the Connectional Conferences plan is the Way Forward model to use. Read more

A Way Forward

The Rev. Ben Gosden thinks the Connectional Conferences plan offers the best Way Forward option for the UMC. Read more

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The Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota, an African United Methodist clergyman, contends that true motivation for a schism is U.S. church leaders' fear of losing their political clout to leaders from Africa, where the UMC is growing. Read more

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A sudden interest in the Connectional Conferences Plan of the Way Forward report – the most complex of options – raise suspicions for the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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UM & Global blogmaster Dr. David W. Scott thinks the Connectional Conference Plan model from the Way Forward report has enough value that it shouldn't be dismissed outright. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith begins a four-part series examining the models of the Way Forward Commission's report with an analysis of the most schismatic version: the Connectional Conferences plan. Read more

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